About Gregalion 1432 and Beyond

Gregalion 1432 and Beyond is a GURPS 4th Edition RPG developed by Huscurian, set in the backdrop of the Wild Fringes, uncharted space which saw stranger events and races than is common in the populated spheres of other empires.

In a time where Gregalion saw herself embroiled in a civil war between national powers, the other six worlds remained aloof to the need of a ruling premier in the banner of unity. The civil war left several national powers scarred and subject to vassalage and created many opportunities for the Noble Empire. First of the many opportunities were space travel developments. With assistance from the Great Sector Empire, Gregalion developed solid ships capable of carrying FTL operative drives but are nowhere near the technology to develop Warpdrives, an uncommon piece of technology where Point A and B converges and creates a static point for the ship at B all in the space of one second.

Secondly, the Binary Invasion created enriching developments for the Empire and enabled Gregalion to become computer-literate and achieving a higher rate of complexity, applying their research developments across the spectrum of the military to civilian applications. This enabled the construction of combat drones, security-bots, guard-bots, maidservant bot. While most automatons do not develop a will of their own, they are subject under the control of their masters and have security protocols that prevent them from harming any Tyramin.

Thirdly, trade and commerce boosted the wealth of the Empire throughout its sector from all seven worlds and introduced more powerful trade from both the Great Sector Empire and the Imperial Trade Autonetics. This enabled Gregalion to develop a powerful space navy designed to combat any enemy threat at home and several fleet expeditions in the future to complete a historic promise made almost 1,500 years ago.

Currently, the campaign setting for Gregalion is around 1452, the beginning of the Golden Era. In the Golden Era, Gregalion is blessed with such technological achievements that they are practically invincible at the moment. While the Great Sector Empire faces troubling threats at home, Gregalion faces an uncertain future untold with such blessings and curses.

What can a Player Do?

You can of course read the Wiki, get familiar with the RPG. You also can read into the GURPS 4th Edition information as it would contain all that you need to understand what is required of you to play the game. You also can read into information littering the Wiki page to get familiar with what Gregalion is, how the empire works, its histories, and more.

You can get started on creating a character then submitting it to the GM for approval. Once your character has been approved, it will be included in the Character tab with your name assigned to it.

You also can decide on what campaign you can select to play. As I’ve noted, there is the campaign set for 1452 which enables all sorts of discoveries out in space, on land, and much more. More importantly, 1452 is the beginning of the Golden Era, where before its time much of its opportunities and historic events were mostly done on land and sea.

If you wish to play a campaign before 1452, check the GURPS 4/e Information. It will contain others that you may look into and decide which one. I strongly suggest the 1452 campaign and it will be affected by the many players involved.

You also can chat with the other players, discuss anything Gregalion with the GM, and of course submit your own stats for new races, ships, vehicles, and whatnot. The GM is always looking for creativity to add to the world as much as he can to create a believable galaxy.

Enjoy the Game

I hope that you enjoy the game and are willing to become more involved. There are many opportunities for players in many different occupations. The occupations of course do affect the very fabric of the empire in positive and negative ways, depending on how your actions were taken. Of course, while I do believe that the Empire continued on with so little corruption in much of her seven worlds until the End of Empires (which can be the equivalent to Armaggedon), it is very possible the Empire may have troubles of her own and may succumb early provided choices were poorly made. Of course, I’d be eager to find out what the players have in store for a flexible campaign made for the players to tinker with!

Until then…

Gregalion: 1452 and Beyond