The Special Legions

Fight Fire with Fire – Motto of the Special Legions

Tablet of Contents

  • Concept of the Special Legions
  • History of the Special Legions
  • Organizational Structure
  • Roles of the Special Legions
  • Military Ranks
  • Occupations

Concept of the Special Legions

The Special Legions is conceptualized as a focused organization with specialized fireteams (size of six to twelve), tasked with fulfilling certain specialized roles that the mainstay army could not be assigned. The Legions is a high-risk, daring, and an adventurous life fraught with hair-raising perils and downright bone-shaking plights only a Legionnaire could face.

*Player Note: The Special Legions are rolled up in three special forces: the French Foreign Legion, Rangers, and SFO-Delta. While they fight fire with fire, they also do not leave a man behind.

History of the Special Legions

The Special Legions were created on Third Month of the Bifrost 1438, following the year before Bristur Kandrel was captured by a Legionnaire fireteam. The Special Legions, discussed an approximate 3 years and two months before the Third Month of Bifrost 1438, was originally thought of as a Pathfinder-type force, tasked with defending Gregar as a supportive but special role.

General Vellau Ashknell, of the 1st Armored Group, 4th Battalion, suggested that the Special Legions be created to strike hard from above and assault enemy forces with special equipment and the wits to outsmart. His concept of the Legions gave way to a discovery of Sapphiret Bay in the Fifth Month of Bifrost 1438, later constructed as the primary base for the Legions.

The harsh environment of Sapphiret Bay, combined with volatile climate changes, forced many recruits to undergo grueling hardship. In the first year before Kandrel’s capture, 2/3 of the recruits died to razor-sharp sapphire crystals, wild animals, and of course the spine-chilling wind that comes with the Bifrost season. Ashknell christened the first of the Legions: Legion I. The number of recruits, tallied at 2,700 would grow to 100,000 in 1443. By the time the Special Legions were activated for service on the First Month of the Greening in 1439, they were mere months away from hunting down Kandrel.

Since 1439, the Special Legions became one of the toughest fighting ground forces in Gregalion alone. While improvements to the primary base were made on a daily basis, Vellau Ashknell set his sights on Gregalion’s six other worlds. His acute preparation of materiel, equipment, and special training afforded to many under House Ashknell led to the creation of at least 800,000 Legionnaires in 1448. In 1450, these 800,000 Legionnaires were shipped off-world in the Gregara sector.

The Legions would then create a primary base, connected with secondary auxiliary bases for security purposes. These bases on each world would then be connected back to Gregalion as the official authority of this special force. Vellau Ashknell then was commissioned the rank of Surface Marshal in 1451 by the Impericrat for his outstanding duties to the 1st Armored Group during the war and to the Special Legions since their inception.

In 1452, the Impericrat signed an edict authorizing the Surface Marshal to be the premier commanding officer of all armed forces in Gregalion’s sphere and over all the Special Legions in her other six worlds with certain exceptions to avoid abuse of power, possible victricide, and more.

In the last month turning 1453, the Special Legions engaged in heavy conflict with the Issachari Spartans. They were outnumbered and faced an incredibly cunning foe. Their determination, bravery, and daring tactics stopped cold the first of the many Spartan attacks. These Spartans would soon return… in their raging glory and for all the Legionnaires’ heads!

Organizational Structure

Roles of the Special Legions

Military Ranks


The Special Legions

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